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Khalifa Kush, also known more commonly as “Wiz Khalifa OG” among the cannabis community, is an Indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% Sativa) strain created as a descendant of the insanely popular classic strain OG Kush. The exact genetics of this strain are kept under lock and key, as it was bred specifically for Wiz himself by a dispensary in San Jose, CA. Buy Khalifa Kush Online, Khalifa Kush Strain For Sale

Khalifa Kush is a strong Indica with a high THC content. This strain was created for and named after a famous rap artist Wiz Khalifa. From the first taste of Khalifa Kush, you will agree that this hybrid was carefully engineered.

Khalifa Kush Strong

Khalifa Kush is a hybrid strain that appears similar to OG Kush, having a lemony taste and pine scent. It is an entertaining strain with a wide range of medicinal benefits.

Khalifa Kush is a great option for users with depression, fatigue, stress, anxiety, pain and loss of appetite. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid (80/20% Indica). Khalifa Kush THC level range between 26 to 29% with 2% CBD content.

Energizing effect

This strain is popularly known for its stimulating and energizing effect, making it a perfect day time blow. Like other strong Indicas, Khalifa Kush can cause dry mouth and dry eyes. This strain is very potent, new users need to take it with care to avoid being abused.

With the harsh element removed, you will get a thick smoke that is very tasty and palatable.

Growing Khalifa Kush can be relatively difficult. Rumor has it that the real growing formula is kept secret from the public and is only known to Wiz Khalifa. Buy Khalifa Kush Online, Khalifa Kush Strain For Sale

You will need to have a taste of this strain so you know if to add it to your list of favorite indicas.

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